Ao-Nang Krabi stadium opened its doors for the first time on the night of the 21st of January 2000, this night was especially chosen as it was considered to be a lucky day on the Chinese calendar. The other date up for consideration was the 17th of March, which is national Muay Thai day.

The great and the good all gathered together to watch the auspicious event.
This was a historic day for the province of Krabi.
As the owner – Pisut Pumipamorn cut the ribbon in front of the very large crowd, which included the governor of Krabi, the mayor of Krabi town and dignitaries from Bangkok that were there to represent the Thai kickboxing association.

Pisut was opening the largest boxing stadium in south Thailand and the third biggest in the whole country.
He smartly choose the right time as the sport of Muay Thai, kickboxing and mixed martial arts were becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

Nine years have now lapsed since that warm balmy night and now Ao-Nang Krabi stadium opens its doors every Monday and Friday night to let in the droves of people Thais and tourists alike, who come to witness the spectacle of Muay Thai.


The Thai audience – many of which have been coming week after week since its inaugural night – come to watch the best Muay Thai kick boxers in south Thailand battle it out in the national sport of Thailand.
They love to wager bets on their favorite boxers from their standing position ringside.

The tourists, a curious mix, mostly comprising of Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Australian peppered with a dash of , North American, Mexican, South American and of course the English, the Scottish, the Welsh and what fight would be complete without the Irish.
This audience is split in 2, those that have seen Muay Thai before and those who have not. The ones who have are delighted to watch the world's fastest growing sport on its home turf, the other half watch in amazement as they see for their first time a sport " where anything goes"

Muay Thai world champion Paba has fought here at Ao-Nang Krabi stadium in front of a sell out crowd of 1,999 people. The stadium has staged more than 5,000 Thai kickboxing bouts.
The ring has had well over 10,000 fighters within its ropes, and at least 2000 knock outs have been seen at Ao-Nang Krabi stadium. Blood has stained the carpet of the ring time and again. Once 2 boxers were vomiting simultaneously because of blows received.
There is never a dull moment.

Famous fighters have won and lost championship belts here.
People have come and gone, other promoters have tried to host Muay Thai kickboxing contests but Ao-Nang Krabi stadium is the best place to watch Muay Thai in South Thailand.


Ao-Nang Krabi stadium stages Muay Thai boxing contests with 9 competitions all year round, but differs slightly in tourist high and low season. The high season is from the 1st of November to the 30th of April.
There is boxing every Monday and Friday night at 9 pm In low season which is from the 1st of May to the 31st of October.
The stadium offers choices of seats from which to view the non stop action. Ringside sofa seating and arena seating